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Following is a list of Australian animal extinctions from the arrival of the first European colonists in 1788 (before the Aboriginal and prehistory extinctions) until the present. There are 24 birds (one from the mainland), seven frogs, and 27 mammal species or subspecies strongly believed to have become extinct in Australia since European settlement.

Extinctions are recorded under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

Several invertebrate species have also been listed as extinct by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN); however, this list is less exhaustive, as invertebrates are more difficult to survey and are less well studied.


  • 1 Extinct Australian animals: 1788 to present
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  • 2 Extinct Australian animals pre-European settlement (1788)
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Extinct Australian animals: 1788 to present



The reason for the decline and extinction of these frog species is unclear, decline in frog populations is an international phenomenon. 14 species are listed as critically endangered, and some of these may already be extinct.



Possibly extinct mammals


Several Australian Invertebrates have been listed by the World Conservation Union as having become extinct. The first and only Australian invertebrate species officially listed is the Lake Pedder earthworm.

Extinct Australian animals pre-European settlement (1788)

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