List of large sailing vessels

Wikipedia list article Star Flyer, a 112:m (367:ft) sail cruise ship launched in 1991, in the Pacific.

This is a list of large sailing vessels, past and present, including sailing mega yachts, tall ships, sailing cruise ships, and large sailing military ships. It is sorted by overall length. The list, which is in the form of a table, covers vessels greater than about 200 feet (61:m) LOA, which includes overhangs and spars (length on deck or waterline length are other common measures of ship length).



Amerigo Vespucci, Venice, 2006 General

Year: launch/delivery/active
Shipyard: makers of the yacht
LOA: overall length
LOD: length on deck
LWL: waterline length
Beam: width

Tonnage and displacement

Gross tonnage and displacement are not equivalent and vary depending on the type of ton (e.g. metric or imperial) and how they are calculated. How gross tonnage is calculated has changed somewhat over time, but has always been a measure of cargo space ( i.e., it is a measure of the volume of the cargo space), and figures for displacement also can vary because of different standards for loading.

Current status

Meaning of status column:

  • S Sailing today
  • F Floating, permanently moored, not sailing
  • D Dry dock or equivalent, permanently
  • H Historic ship that no longer exists


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