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This article lists the monarchs of Persia (Iran) from the establishment of the Median Empire by Medes around 705 BC until the deposition of the Pahlavi dynasty in 1979. Earlier monarchs in the area of modern-day Iran are listed in: List of rulers of the pre-Achaemenid kingdoms of IranMinor dynasties and vassal monarchs can be found in: List of rulers of Parthian sub-kingdoms Islamic dynasties of Iran Median Empire (678–549 BC) Achaemenid Kingdom (~705–559 BC) Achaemenid Empire (559–334/327 BC) Note: Ancient Persia is generally agreed to have ended with the collapse of the Achaemenid dynasty as a result of the Wars of Alexander the Great. Macedonian Empire (336–306 BC) Seleucid Empire (311–129 BC) Fratarakas The Fratarakas appear to have been Governors of the Seleucid Empire. Kings of Persis Parthian Empire (247 BC – CE 228) The Seleucid dynasty gradually lost control of Persia. In 253, the Arsacid dynasty established itself in Parthia.
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