List of motor yachts by length

List of motor yachts by length, Wikipedia list article.

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This list of motor yachts by length, is a table of the world's longest, currently active superyachts, with an overall length of at least 75 metres (246 ft) and up. These boats are also known as "megayachts", "gigayachts" and even "terayachts", usually depending on length. It has been generally accepted by naval architects and industry executives that superyachts range from 37 m (≈120 ft) up to 60 m (≈200 ft), and megayachts are over 60 m. The only legal distinction is between boats above 24 m (78.75 ft) and below is that those above 24 m are viewed as a yacht and therefore must have a licensed skipper on board. Yachts over 90 m (≈300 ft) have been referred to as giga-yachts.
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