Lucrezia Donati

Lucrezia Donati (Florence, Italy; 1447-ibidem, 1501) was an Italian noblewoman who lived in the 15th century, mistress of Lorenzo de' Medici.

The identity of the woman in the sculpture Dama col mazzolino, at Bargello Museum in Florence could be attributed to Lucrezia Donati. Also Sandro Botticelli's painting Fortitude would be another representation of her.


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Lucrezia was the daughter of Manno Donati and Caterina Bardi, a Florentine dame who belonged to an extinct family tree, being the last descendant. From 1461 was the mistress of Lorenzo il Magnifico, a platonic love, until Lorenzo later married the Italian noble Clarice Orsini. In 1486 Lorenzo remembered the poems he had written for her when he was 16 in the poem Corinto.

Lucrezia married the Florentian businessman Niccolò Ardighelli, who died in exile in 1496.

Popular culture

The actress Laura Haddock starred as Lucrezia Donati in the television series Da Vinci's Demons. Alessandra Mastronardi played Lucrezia in Medici: The Magnificent.



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