Marcion of Sinope

Marcion of Sinope, Early Christian theologian and evangelist (c.85–c.160).

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Marcion of Sinope (; Greek: Μαρκίων Σινώπης; c. 85 – c. 160) was an early Christian theologian, evangelist, and an important figure in early Christianity. Marcion preached that the benevolent God of the Gospel who sent Jesus Christ into the world as the savior was the true Supreme Being, different and opposed to the malevolent demiurge or creator god, identified with the Hebrew God of the Old Testament. He considered himself a follower of Paul the Apostle, whom he believed to have been the only true apostle of Jesus Christ, a doctrine called Marcionism.

Gospel of Marcion
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Gospel of Marcion ... Gospel of Marcion, called by its adherents the Gospel of the Lord, was a text used by the mid-2nd-century Christian teacher Marcion of Sinope to the exclusion...

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Marcionism ... Marcionism was an early Christian dualistic belief system that originated from the teachings of Marcion of Sinope in Rome around the year 144. Marcion...

Development of the New Testament canon
1 month ago

Development of the New Testament canon ... Testament canon in response to the challenge posed by Marcion. Marcion rejected the theology of the Old Testament entirely and regarded the God depicted...

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Pescetarianism ... today's standards. Marcion of Sinope and his followers ate fish but no fowl or red meat. Fish was seen by the Marcionites as a holier kind of food. They consumed...

Sinop, Turkey
2 months ago

Sinop, Turkey ... Baton, and of the Christian heretic of the 2nd century AD, Marcion. After the division of the Roman Empire in 395, Sinope remained with the Eastern Roman...

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Gnosticism ... CITEREFPerkins11987 (help) "Adolf Von Harnack: Marcion". Adolf Von Harnack (2007) Marcion: The Gospel of the Alien God, translated by John E. Steely, Lyle...

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Devil ... identified with the deity of the Old Testament by some sects, such as the Sethians and the Marcions. Tertullian accuses Marcion of Sinope, that he [held that]...

Matthew 5:17
3 weeks ago

Matthew 5:17 ... Testament first begun by Marcion of Sinope. There are several parts of the New Testament where Jesus can be read as rejecting some tenets of Mosaic law. Issues...

Pauline epistles
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Pauline epistles ... Robert M. Price asserts that the first collection of the Pauline epistles was that of Marcion of Sinope in the early 2nd century. On the other hand, David...

Gospel of Luke
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Gospel of Luke ... Christian thinker Marcion of Sinope began using a gospel that was very similar to, but shorter than, canonical Luke. Marcion was well-known for preaching...

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