Mexican–American War

Armed conflict between the United States and Mexico from 1846 to 1848

Belligerents :United States
California Republic MexicoCommanders and leaders James K. Polk
Winfield Scott
Zachary Taylor
Stephen Kearney
John Sloat
William Worth
Robert Stockton
Joseph Lane
Franklin Pierce
David Conner
Matthew Perry
John Frémont
Thomas Childs
Henry Burton
Edward Baker
Robert E Lee
William Ide Antonio López de Santa Anna
Mariano Arista
Pedro de Ampudia
José Flores
Mariano Vallejo
Nicolás Bravo
José de Herrera
Andrés Pico
Manuel Armijo
Martin de Cos
Pedro de Anaya
Agustín y Huarte
Joaquín Rea
Manuel Muñoz
Gabriel Valencia:
José de UrreaStrength 73,532 82,000Casualties and losses 1,733 killed
4,152 wounded 5,000 killed
Thousands wounded
4,000 civilians killed Including civilians killed by violence, military deaths from disease and accidental deaths, the Mexican death toll may have reached 25,000 and the American death toll exceeded 13,283. Topics

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