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Norfolk is a county in England.

Norfolk may also refer to:


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  • Norfolk Island, an Australian external territory


  • Norfolk, Alberta
  • Norfolk (electoral district), Ontario
  • Norfolk County, Ontario

New Zealand

  • Norfolk, New Zealand, a locality in Taranaki

United Kingdom

  • Norfolk House, in London
  • Norfolk (European Parliament constituency)
  • Norfolk (UK Parliament constituency), from 1707 to 1832

United States

  • Norfolk, Colorado
  • Norfolk, Connecticut
    • Norfolk (CDP), Connecticut, a census-designated place in the town of Norfolk
  • Norfolk, Massachusetts
  • Norfolk County, Massachusetts
  • Norfolk, Mississippi
  • Norfolk, Missouri
  • Norfolk, Nebraska
  • Norfolk (town), New York
    • Norfolk (CDP), New York, a hamlet and census-designated place in the town of Norfolk
  • Norfolk, Virginia
    • Downtown Norfolk, Virginia
    • Naval Station Norfolk, a major U.S. Navy base in Norfolk, Virginia
    • Norfolk Naval Shipyard, located in nearby Portsmouth, Virginia
  • Norfolk County, Virginia, a defunct county of South Hampton Roads, Virginia, USA, created in 1691; location of modern-day Norfolk and Chesapeake


  • HMS Norfolk, six ships in the British Royal Navy
  • Norfolk - one of several vessels of that name
  • Norfolk Air, formerly based on Norfolk Island, Australia
  • Norfolk International Airport, Norfolk, Virginia
  • Norfolk (MBTA station) in Norfolk, Massachusetts
  • Norfolk Southern Railway, an American railroad company
  • USS Norfolk, any of several U.S. Navy ships
  • Norfolk station (disambiguation), stations of the name


  • Norfolk damselfly, a species particular to the Norfolk Broads in England
  • Norfolk hawker, a dragonfly
  • Norfolk Trotter, an extinct horse breed named after the county in England
  • Norfolk Horn, a rare breed of sheep named after the county in England
  • Norfolk Grey, a breed of chicken
  • Norfolk Black, a breed of turkey
  • Norfolk Terrier, a breed of dog


  • Any of various Dukes of Norfolk
    • Earl of Norfolk, a title which has been created several times in the Peerage of England
    • Norfolk Herald Extraordinary, an officer of arms at the College of Arms in London
  • Lawrence Norfolk (born 1963), British novelist
  • Peter Norfolk (born 1960), British wheelchair tennis player

Other uses

  • Norfolk case, a type of luggage
  • Norfolk dialect, a dialect of Norfolk, England
  • Norfuk language, spoken in Australia's Norfolk Island
  • Norfolk jacket, an item of Victorian-era clothing
  • Norfolk pine, also known as Norfolk Island Pine, a species of tree (Araucaria heterophylla)
  • Norfolk State University, located in Norfolk, Virginia
  • Royal Norfolk Regiment, an infantry regiment of the British Army
  • The Battle of Norfolk, a military engagement during the first Gulf War
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