Pagoda, Towers native to Asia.

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A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves common to China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam and other parts of Asia. Most pagodas were built to have a religious function, most often Buddhist but sometimes Taoist, and were often located in or near viharas. The pagoda traces its origins to the stupa of ancient India.Chinese pagodas (Chinese: 塔; pinyin: Tǎ) are a traditional part of Chinese architecture. In addition to religious use, since ancient times Chinese pagodas have been praised for the spectacular views they offer, and many famous poems in Chinese history attest to the joy of scaling pagodas. The oldest and tallest were built of wood, but most that survived were built of brick or stone.

Japanese pagoda
4 months ago

Japanese pagoda ... Pagodas in Japan are called tō (塔, lit. pagoda), sometimes buttō (仏塔, lit. Buddhist pagoda) or tōba (塔婆, lit. pagoda) and historically derive from the...

Shwedagon Pagoda
5 months ago

Shwedagon Pagoda ... [ʃwèdəɡòʊɰ̃ zèdìdɔ̀], lit. 'Golden Dagon Pagoda') and also known as the Great Dagon Pagoda and the Golden Pagoda, is a gilded stupa located in Yangon, Myanmar...

Peace Pagoda
4 months ago

Peace Pagoda ... A Peace Pagoda is a Buddhist stupa; a monument to inspire peace, designed to provide a focus for people of all races and creeds, and to help unite them...

Pagoda of Fogong Temple
3 months ago

Pagoda of Fogong Temple ... The Sakyamuni Pagoda of Fogong Temple (simplified Chinese: 佛宫寺释迦塔; traditional Chinese: 佛宮寺釋迦塔; pinyin: Fógōng Sì Shìjiā Tǎ) of Ying County, Shanxi province...

Pagoda (coin)
4 months ago

Pagoda (coin) ... The pagoda was a unit of currency, a coin made of gold or half-gold minted by Indian dynasties as well as the British, the French and the Dutch. It was...

Global Vipassana Pagoda
4 months ago

Global Vipassana Pagoda ... / 19.22806°N 72.8060528°E / 19.22806; 72.8060528 The Global Vipassana Pagoda is a Meditation dome hall with a capacity to seat around 8,000 Vipassana...

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda
6 months ago

Giant Wild Goose Pagoda ... Wild Goose Pagoda or Big Wild Goose Pagoda (Chinese: 大雁塔; pinyin: Dàyàn tǎ, literally "big swan goose pagoda"), is a monumental Buddhist pagoda located in...

Pagoda (Reading, Pennsylvania)
4 months ago

Pagoda (Reading, Pennsylvania) ... The Pagoda is a novelty building, built atop the south end of Mount Penn overlooking Reading, Pennsylvania, United States. It has been a symbol of the...

Pagoda mast
5 months ago

Pagoda mast ... The pagoda mast was a type of superstructure that was common on Japanese capital ships that were reconstructed during the 1930s in a bid to improve their...

Pagoda (disambiguation)
2 weeks ago

Pagoda (disambiguation) ... A pagoda is a tiered tower with multiple eaves. Pagoda may also refer to: Chinese pagoda Japanese pagoda Korean pagoda Pagoda (Efteling), an observation...

Liuhe Pagoda
4 months ago
Kyaiktiyo Pagoda
4 months ago
Leifeng Pagoda
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Yongning Pagoda
1 month ago
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4 months ago
Yasaka-no-to Pagoda
4 months ago
Porcelain Tower of Nanjing
4 months ago
Beisi Pagoda
1 year ago
Burmese pagoda
5 months ago
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