Parque Central Complex

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Coordinates: 10°29′53.9″N 66°54′04.7″W / 10.498306°N 66.901306°W / 10.498306; -66.901306

The Parque Central Complex is a housing, commercial and cultural development, implemented by Centro Simón Bolívar and located in the area known as El Conde in the center of the city of Caracas, Venezuela adjacent to Paseo Vargas.

Within the complex are the Twin Towers of Parque Central which are two skyscrapers that, for decades, have become Caracas' architectural icon. From 1979 (when the West Tower was opened) until 2003, they held the title of tallest skyscrapers in Latin America until they were overtaken by Torre Mayor in Mexico City. Today (as of April 2020) the Parque Central Towers are South America's 6th tallest skyscrapers and the 22nd tallest in Latin America, after Torres Obispado in Monterrey, Gran Torre Santiago in Santiago (Chile), and many buildings in Panama City, Mexico City, and Balneário Camboriú. Parque Central towers were the tallest twin buildings in Latin America, now the 281 m high Edifício Yachthouse in Balneário Camboriú - Brazil, owns the title.

When the complex was finally opened in 1983, it was considered the "most important urban development in Latin America". Since then Parque Central is a point of reference in Caracas and its main landmark. It houses many cultural and government institutions and is adjacent to the cultural district of museums in Caracas.



In 1969 Enrique Delfino Arriens engineer and CEO of the construction Delpre CA submitted the draft to the president of Central Park Centro Simón Bolívar during the period of the then President of the Republic Rafael Caldera for the construction of an urban development between Lecuna and Bolivar avenues of urbanization El Conde de Caracas.

In 1970 construction of the Tacagua, Caroata, Catuche, Tajamar, San Martín, El Tejar, Anauco and Mohedano towers were underway, and all these eight buildings for residential use with 317 apartaments each, a height of 127 meters and 44 floors, these buildings are finished build 1972, while two commercial and office towers, known as Central Park Towers, were constructed in 1979 and 1983. The building Anauco apart-hotel became a 4 sta... more

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