Pazzi, Italian noble family in the Middle Ages.

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Italian noble family in the Middle Ages

The Pazzi were a noble Florentine family in the Middle Ages. Their main trade during the fifteenth century was banking. In the aftermath of the Pazzi conspiracy in 1478, members of the family were banished from Florence and their property was confiscated; anyone named Pazzi had to take a new name.


History of the family

The traditional story is that the family was founded by Pazzo di Ranieri, first man over the walls during the Siege of Jerusalem of 1099, during the First Crusade, who returned to Florence with flints supposedly from the Holy Sepulchre, which were kept at Santi Apostoli and used on Holy Saturday to re-kindle fire in the city.:131 The historical basis of this legend has been in question since the work of Luigi Passerini Orsini de' Rilli: in the mid-nineteenth century.

The first apparently historical figure in the family is the Jacopo de' Pazzi il Vecchio: who was a captain of the Florentine (Guelph) cavalry at the battle of Montaperti on 4 September 1260, and whose hand was treacherously severed by Bocca degli Abati:, causing the standard to fall. His son Pazzino di Jacopo de' Pazzi: was a Black Guelph and a follower of Charles de Valois.

Andrea de' Pazzi was the patron of the chapter-house for the Franciscan community at the Basilica of Santa Croce, Florence, and commissioned construction of the Pazzi Chapel. His son Jacopo de' Pazzi became head of the family in 1464.:131

Guglielmo di Antonio de' Pazzi married Bianca de' Medici, sister of Lorenzo de'... more

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