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Shore of Mombasa Marine Park, Mombasa County, Kenya. More selected pictures edit:

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Nyeri County is a county in the central region of Kenya. Its capital and largest town is Nyeri. It has a population of 661,156 and an area of 3,356:km². (Read more...)

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Msambweni (meaning "land of Msambwe") in Swahili) is a small fishing town and constituency in Kwale County of southeastern Kenya, formerly in Kwale District of Coast Province. The origin of the name, Msambwe (plural Misambwe) is a hardy and wild fruits (sambwe) tree indigenous to Msambweni. A few remnants of the Msambwe trees are still existing at Mkunguni Beach, Sawa Sawa Village. By road, Msambweni is 55.4 kilometres (34.4:mi) south of Mombasa and 46.5 kilometres (28.9:mi) northeast of Lunga Lunga on the Tanzanian border. As of 2009, the town had a population of 11,985 people.

Fishing is the primary source of income, although coconut palm, buxa coloring, cashew nuts and fruits are produced for trade. Because of its reef and extensive beaches, the snorkeling industry is gaining in popularity in Msambweni, and ho... ...read more
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