Rewritable consumer timecode

The Rewriteable Consumer Timecode (RCTC, RC Timecode, or RC Time Code) is a nearly frame accurate timecode method developed by Sony for 8mm and Hi8 analog tape formats. The RC timecode is written by the video camera directly to analog tape tracks and records the hour, minute, second and frame for each frame of video recorded to tape. Officially, RCTC is accurate to within ±2 to 5 frames. The RC timecode information is written in a separate area of the track so as to not disturb the audio or video information recorded on the tape. The RC timecode was used in conjunction with the datacode to record date, time and frame information directly to the 8mm tape tracks.

On several video camera models, Sony included the ability to search by date/time (appropriately called Date Search) and to index positions within the tape so that the index mark could be returned to with the press of a button.

The RC timecode is a different technology than the SMPTE timecode, linear timecode (LTC), and vertical interval timecode (VITC).

At least one manufacturer (Octochron) created tools to capture the information from the RC timecode on tape and export it via Serial or USB to the computer.

A partial list of camcorders which supported RC timecode.

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