Serene (yacht)

Serene is one of the world's largest private superyachts.

Built by Italian shipyard Fincantieri with interior design by Reymond Langton Design, Serene was delivered to its owner in August 2011. At delivery, she was one of the 10 largest yachts in the world with an overall length of 133.9:m (439:ft 4:in) and a beam of 18.5:m (60:ft 8:in).



The ship was built for Russian vodka tycoon Yuri Shefler for $330m. In the summer of 2014, Bill Gates leased the yacht for US$5 million per week.

In 2015, while vacationing in the south of France, Prince Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia bought the vessel for approximately €500 million.

Incident at sea

In August 2017, Serene ran aground on a shallow rock reef in the Red Sea, 37:km (20 nautical miles) off the coast of Sharm El Sheikh. She sustained significant damage to her hull at the bow. The cause was reported to be a combination of navigational error and propulsion failure.


The famous painting Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci is rumoured to be kept on board.


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