Sheikh Said rebellion

Kurdish rebellion following the abolition of the Caliphate

Belligerents :Turkey Azadî
Sheikh SaidCommanders and leaders Mustafa Kemal Pasha
Kâzım Pasha (Third Army)
Mürsel Pasha (VII Corps)
Naci Pasha (V Corps) Sheikh Said:
Halid Beg Cibran:Strength February–March:
25,000 men (fewer than 12,000 are armed troops; the rest are unarmed logistical troops)
52,000 men (25,000 are armed troops) 15,000 menCasualties and losses Total:15,000–20,000 killed

The Sheikh Said Rebellion (Kurdish: Serhildana Şêx Seîd‎, Turkish: Şeyh Said İsyanı) or Genç Incident (Turkish: Genç Hâdisesi) was a rebellion in east of Anatolia in 1925 led by Sheikh Said aimed at reviving an Islamic caliphate against the newly-founded Turkish Republic. The rebellion was mostly led by Zaza speakers, but also gained support among some of the neighboring Kurmanji speaking Kurds in the region. It was led by Sheikh Said and members of the Azadî organization led by Halid Beg Cibran.

The religious and nationalist background of the Sheikh Said Rebellion has been debated by the scholars. The rebellion was described as "the first large-scale nationalist rebellion by the Kurds." by Robert W. Olson.



In Turkey there existed a strong anti-Kurdish policy in the first years of the Turkish Republic. Mustafa Kemal Pasha, in his speech in Eskisehir on 14 January 1923 about the more

Sheikh Said
3 days ago

Sheikh Said ... Sheikh Said of Palu (Kurdish: شێخ سەعید ,Şêx Seîd‎, 1865 – June 29, 1925) was a Kurdish sheikh, the main leader of the Sheikh Said rebellion and a Sheikh...

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Kurdish rebellions in Turkey ... in the rebellion came from Zaza. The rebellion covered most of the part of Amed (Diyarbakir) and Mardin provinces. The Sheikh Said rebellion was the...

Zil (tribe)
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Zil (tribe) ... federation didn't join the Sheikh Said rebellion, many tribes fought on the side of the government. Sheikh Said rebellion Kurdish chiefdoms Kurdish tribes...

Lütfi Müfit Özdeş
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Lütfi Müfit Özdeş ... Diyarbakır, which was established the counter the Sheikh Said rebellion and sentenced Sheikh Said to death. Türk Parlamento Tarihi Araştırma Grubu, TBMB...

Kurds in Turkey
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Kurds in Turkey ... Anatolia Regions. Massacres, such as the brutal suppression of the Sheikh Said Rebellion, the Dersim ethnocide, and the Zilan massacre, have periodically...

Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
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Mustafa Kemal Atatürk ... while the "Issue of Mosul" was on the table, Sheikh Said began to organize the Sheikh Said Rebellion. Sheikh Said was a wealthy Kurdish tribal chief of a local...

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1945 Sheikh Bashir Rebellion ... The 1945 Sheikh Bashir Rebellion was a rebellion waged by tribesmen of the Habr Je'lo clan in the cities of Burao and Erigavo in the former British Somaliland...

Bingöl Province
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Bingöl Province ... of origin for the Kurdish Sheikh Said rebellion in 1925 and most of the region was captured by the rebels during the rebellion. Kurds comprise the majority...

Halid Beg Cibran
1 month ago

Halid Beg Cibran ... Kemalists. He led the uprising at Beytüşşebap in 1924, before the Sheikh Said Rebellion was launched in 1925. In 1892, he became the leader of the second...

Deportations of Kurds
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Deportations of Kurds ... Beytussebab rebellion of 1924). In spite of being unsuccessful, the rebellion generated more distrust and accumulated into the Sheikh Said rebellion in 1925...

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