Spokesperson, Speaking representative of an organization.

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A spokesperson, spokesman, or spokeswoman, is someone engaged or elected to speak on behalf of others. Duties and function In the present media-sensitive world, many organizations are increasingly likely to employ professionals who have received formal training in journalism, communications, public relations and public affairs in this role in order to ensure that public announcements are made in the most appropriate fashion and through the most appropriate channels to maximize the impact of favorable messages, and to minimize the impact of unfavorable messages. Celebrity spokespeople such as popular local and national sports stars (such as Michael Jordan or Bob Uecker) or television and film stars (such as Beyoncé or Michael J. Fox) are often chosen as spokespeople for commercial advertising. As of August 2017, Kayleigh McEnany and Michael Tyler served as spokespeople of the RNC and DNC, respectively. Responsibilities Unlike an individual giving a personal testimonial, it is the job of a spokesperson to faithfully represent and advocate for the organization's positions, even when these conflict with their own opinion.

Spokesperson for the United States Department of State
3 weeks ago

Spokesperson for the United States Department of State ... The Spokesperson for the United States Department of State is a U.S. government official whose primary responsibility is to serve as the spokesperson for...

IDF Spokesperson's Unit
3 weeks ago

IDF Spokesperson's Unit ... the IDF Spokesperson, a brigadier general and member of the General Staff, and by the Deputy Spokesperson, a colonel. The current Spokesperson is Brig...

Party spokesperson
2 days ago

Party spokesperson ... A party spokesperson (also known as party spokesman or party spokeswoman) is any member of a political party (at any regional level of the party structure)...

White House Press Secretary
6 days ago

White House Press Secretary ... senior White House official whose primary responsibility is to act as spokesperson for the executive branch of the federal government of the United States...

1 month ago

Chairperson ... and or may have no executive powers, in which case they are mainly a spokesperson for the organization. The power given depends upon the type of organization...

Board of Spokespersons
9 months ago

Board of Spokespersons ... The Board of Spokespersons is a parliamentary body of the Cortes Generales mainly entrusted with the task of ordering the agenda of the Parliament. As...

Geoff Morrell (spokesperson)
2 days ago

Geoff Morrell (spokesperson) ... Geoffrey S. Morrell (born November 1968) is an American public affairs official who served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs...

Jen Psaki
2 days ago

Jen Psaki ... (2009); the White House deputy communications director (2009–2011); the spokesperson for the United States Department of State (2013–2015); and the White...

Shahbaz Gill
1 month ago

Shahbaz Gill ... a spokesperson to Government of Punjab.Currently he is serving in Imran Khan cabinet as Special Assistant to Prime Minister. Gill was spokesperson to...

Prime Minister's Official Spokesperson
2 months ago

Prime Minister's Official Spokesperson ... The prime minister's official spokesperson or alternatively prime minister's official spokesman/spokeswoman is a position in the United Kingdom's Civil...

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