Spread of Christianity

Christianity began as a Second Temple Judaic sect in the 1st century in the Roman province of Judea, from where it spread throughout and beyond the Roman Empire.



Main articles: Historical background of the New Testament, Second Temple Judaism, Hellenistic Judaism, Jewish eschatology, Covenant (biblical), and Messiah in Judaism

Christianity "emerged as a sect of Judaism in Roman Palestine" in the syncretistic Hellenistic world of the first century AD, which was dominated by Roman law and Greek culture. It started with the ministry of Jesus, who proclaimed the coming of the Kingdom of God. After his death by crucifixion, some of his followers saw Jesus, and proclaimed him to be alive and resurrected by God. The resurrection of Jesus "signalled for earliest believers that the days of eschatological fulfillment were at hand," and gave the impetus in certain Christian sects to the exaltation of Jesus to the status of divine Son... ...read more

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