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  • Station (Australian agriculture), a large Australian landholding used for livestock production
  • Station (New Zealand agriculture), a large New Zealand farm used for grazing by sheep and cattle
    • Cattle station, a cattle-rearing station in Australia or New Zealand
    • Sheep station, a sheep-rearing station in Australia or New Zealand


  • Radio communication station, a radio frequency communication station of any kind, including audio, TV, and non-broadcast uses
    • Radio broadcasting station, an audio station intended for reception by the general public
    • Amateur radio station, a station operating on frequencies allocated for ham or other non-commercial use
    • Broadcast relay station
    • Ground station (or Earth station), a terrestrial radio station for extraplanetary telecommunication with satellites or spacecraft
    • Television station
  • Courier station, a relay station in a courier system
    • Station of the cursus publicus, a state-run courier system of the Roman Empire
  • Station (networking), a device capable of using the IEEE 802.11 networking protocol
  • Google Station, a public WiFi service


  • Gauging station, or stream gauge, a location along a river or stream used for gauging or other measurements
  • Hill station, a town which is high enough to be relatively cool in summer, mostly in colonial Asia and Africa


  • Charging station, a device or location that supplies electric energy for recharging electric vehicles
  • Filling station, a facility for refilling a vehicle with liquid fuel
  • Fire station or firehouse, a base for firefighters
  • Police station, a base for police officers
  • Research station, an often remote place where scientific research is conducted
  • Weather station. a place where meteorological readings are taken

Military and government

  • Diplomatic mission or station, where a diplomatic/consular official (or mission) is posted
  • Military base
  • Naval air station, an airbase of the United States Navy
  • Royal Air Force station
  • Royal Naval Air Station
  • Station (frontier defensive structure)

Music, film, and entertainment

  • Station (album), by the band Russian Circles
  • Station (1981 film), a Japanese film directed by Yasuo Furuhata
  • Station (2014 film), a Hindi thriller released in India
  • Station, a fictional alien character in the 1991 film Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey
  •, a game portal operated by Sony Online Entertainment
  • "Stations", a song from the album Churn by the band Shihad
  • SM Station, a South Korean digital music channel operated by S.M. Entertainment
  • "Train Station", a song by Basshunter from his The Bassmachine album
  • Station (TV series), an Armenian TV series


  • Station, California, former name of Laws, California
  • Station, California, former name of Zurich, California
  • La Station, a community centre in Montreal, originally designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe


  • Bus station
  • Metro station or subway station, a transit rail station
  • Station (roller coaster), the place guests load a roller coaster train
  • Train order station, a control point at which trains can be stopped and controlled
  • Train stat... more
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