Sverige-class coastal defence ship

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The Sverige-class coastal defence ships were a class of coastal defence ships that, at the time of introduction, were the largest ships to serve in the Swedish Navy. Their design was completely new and was influenced by the ships of the time. Their armament consisted of four 283:mm (11:in)/45 cal. Bofors guns in two turrets and eight 152:mm (6:in) Bofors guns in one double and six single turrets. During the Second World War they were the backbone of the Swedish Navy.


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Right elevation and deck plan as depicted in Brassey's Naval Annual, 1923 Sverige as built Sverige after 1931 Drottning Victoria after 1931 Gustav V after 1930


  • HSwMS:Sverige
    • 6,852 tons standard;
    • 7,516 tons full load,
    • 7,080 tons - Jane's Fighting Ships 1938
      • Sverige reconstructed 1932-1933
  • HSwMS:Drottning Victoria and HSwMS:Gustav V:
    • 7,125 tons standard
    • 7,633 tons full load
    • 7,120 tons - Drottning Victoria - Jane's Fighting Ships 1938
    • 7,275 tons - Gustav V - Jane's Fighting Ships 1938
      • Gustav V reconstructed 1929-1930, modernized 1937
      • Drottning Victoria reconstructed 1935


  • Length: 120:m (390:ft) - Sverige
  • Length: 121.6:m (399:ft) - Drottning Victoria and Gustav V
  • Breadth: 18.6:m (61:ft)
  • Draught: 6.3:m (21:ft) - Sverige
  • Draught: 6.2:m (20:ft) - Drottning Victoria and Gustav V


  • Main belt: 200:mm (7.9:in) between barbettes, then 100:mm (3.9:in) and 60:mm (2.4:in) sections
  • Upper belt: 100:mm (3.9:in) from just behind fore barbette to aft barbette
  • Main turret: 200:mm (7.9:in) front, 100:mm (3.9:in) side, 50:mm (2.0:in) roof
  • Main barbettes: 150:mm (5.9:in)
  • Secondary turrets: 125:mm (4.9:in)
  • Secondary barbettes: 100:mm (3.9:in)
  • Conning Tower: 175:mm (6.9:in)
  • Deck: 45 to 30:mm (1.8 to 1.2:in)


  • 4 shafts; Curtis direct-coupled turbines 20,000 SHP in Sverige; 12 Yarrow-type coal-fired boilers
  • 2 shafts; Westinghouse geared turbines manufactured by Motala Company in Gustaf V and Drottning Victoria 22,000 SHP; 12 Yarrow-type coal-fired boilers
  • All ships were upgraded to oil-fired boilers in the 1930s (In Gustaf V and Drottning Victoria it was, however, for strategic reasons decided to keep the ability to burn coal to secure their ability to operate on alternative fuel if the Swedish oil supply was cut off)


As built

  • 4 × 283:mm (11:in) 45 cal. Bofors guns (2 twin turrets), load in 17 seconds, rated as cramped, dividing partition between guns
  • 8 × 152:mm (6:in) 50 cal. Bofors QF guns (1 twin turret superfiring over the forward 283:mm battery, and 6 single turrets, 3 on each beam)
  • 4 × 75:mm (3:in) Bofors AA cannons mounted forward of the rear 283:mm battery
  • 2 × 57:mm (2.2:in) short-barreled Bofors cannons (6 pdr.)
  • 9 × 6.5:mm (0.26:in) MG
  • 2 × 457:mm (18.0:in) torpedo tubes


  • The underwater torpedo tubes were removed, and the underwater torpedo room was converted into an artillery central to serve the installation of modern range meters and fire control equipment for heavy, secondary and AA-gunnery
  • All small gunnery and... more
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