Tomm Coker

Tomm Coker, also known as Thomas L. Coker (born November 3, 1972), is an American comic book artist and film director/writer.



Coker's career started in the early nineties drawing comic books for Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Marvel Comics and DC Comics. Throughout the 1990s he worked on such titles as Gen 13 Bootleg, Nightfall: The Black Chronicles and Penthouse Comix.

After a short absence, he returned to comics in 2003, illustrating the popular Vertigo mini-series Blood & Water. This series also marked a stylistic change, in which his art evolved in a much more realistic direction.

His short film A Day Between premiered at the 2003 Sacramento International Film and Music Festival. His first feature-length film, Catacombs, starring Shannyn Sossamon and pop singer Pink, was released in 2007.

In 2009, he drew MTV's "motion comic" series Audio Quest: A Captain Lights Adventure, starring the singer Lights.




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