Turbine Legend

The Turbine Legend is an American sports monoplane designed by Performance Aircraft for sale as a kit for amateur construction.


Design and development

The Legend is a streamlined low-wing monoplane mainly constructed of carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer. It has swept-back tail surfaces with a mid-mounted tailplane and tapered wings, with optional winglets. The prototype was powered by a 575:hp (429:kW) Chevrolet V-8 engine with a three-bladed tractor propeller and a ventral air-scoop, the Turbine Legend has a 724:shp (540:kW) Walter M601 turboprop with a three-bladed tractor propeller. The Legend has a retractable tricycle landing gear; the mainwheels retract inwards and the nosewheel rearwards. The enclosed cockpit has room for two persons in tandem seats with dual controls and has a rear-hinged, upward-opening, canopy with a fixed windscreen.

The Legend was first flown in 1996 by Performance Aircraft and the prototype was converted into a Turbine Legend in 1999.

The assets of Performance Aircraft were taken over by Lanny Rundell to be marketed by Legend Aircraft of Winnsboro, Louisiana.

Operational history

In a March 2020 review for Kitplanes, writer Doug Rozendaal described the takeoff: "the acceleration is like a jet fighter." He also praised the handling and the fit and finish of the design.


Legend Piston-engined variant, powered by a 575:shp (429:kW) Chevrolet V-8 automotive conversion piston engine. Turbine Legend Turboprop-engined variant, powered by a 724:shp (540:kW) Walter M601 turboprop engine. JC 100 A Turbine Legend built by Toys 4 Boys in 2000, designated the JC 100 Garrett Turbine Legend Turbine Legend (Garrett Edition) A Turbine Legend was built by Innovative Wings Inc. utilizing a 1,100:hp (820:kW) Garrett TPE331-10 engine. Turbine Legend Venom A military version marketed by ...read more
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