Valentinus (Gnostic)

Valentinus (Gnostic), Egyptian gnostic theologian (c.100–c. 160).

Valentinus (also spelled Valentinius; c. AD 100 – c. 160) was the best known and, for a time, most successful early Christian Gnostic theologian. He founded his school in Rome. According to Tertullian, Valentinus was a candidate for bishop but started his own group when another was chosen.Valentinus produced a variety of writings, but only fragments survive, largely those quoted in rebuttal arguments in the works of his opponents, not enough to reconstruct his system except in broad outline. His doctrine is known only in the developed and modified form given to it by his disciples, the Valentinians. He taught that there were three kinds of people, the spiritual, psychical, and material; and that only those of a spiritual nature received the gnosis (knowledge) that allowed them to return to the divine Pleroma, while those of a psychic nature (ordinary Christians) would attain a lesser or uncertain form of salvation, and that those of a material nature were doomed to perish.Valentinus had a large following, the Valentinians.

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Gnosticism ... writing by Gnostic theologians. Nonetheless, early Gnostic teachers such as Valentinus saw their beliefs as aligned with Christianity. In the Gnostic Christian...

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Valentinus ... 827) Saint Valentinus, one or more martyred Christian saints Valentinus (Gnostic) (died c. 150), early Christian gnostic theologian Valentinus Paquay (1828–1905)...

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Gnosis ... Shi'ism Hans Jonas Jnana Kundalini Neoplatonism and Gnosticism Kurt Rudolph Satori Valentinus (Gnostic) Samael Aun Weor Porter, Stanley E. (2016). "What...

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Demiurge ... ch. 12 Plotinus is attacking a Gnostic myth known to us best at present in the form it took in the system of Valentinus. The Mother, Sophia-Achamoth, produced...

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Cerdo (gnostic) ... like Basilides and Saturninus, and taught at about the same time as Valentinus, Marcion and them. According to Irenaeus, he was a contemporary of the...

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