Wołyńska Cavalry Brigade

Monument to the Volhynian Cavalry Brigade in Mokra

The Volhynian Cavalry Brigade (Polish: Wołyńska Brygada Kawalerii) was a Polish cavalry brigade, which saw action against the invading Germans during the Invasion of Poland, a part of World War II. Raised from recruits in the area of Wołyń, the division was posted to the Łódź Army. During several desperate counter-attacks, the brigade suffered heavy casualties near Łódź. It was commanded by Colonel Julian Filipowicz. Most notably, the unit took part in one of the first battles of the German invasion of Poland (and thus, World War II), the battle of Mokra.

Wołyńska BK w 1938



The Vohlynian Cavalry Brigade was formed on April 1, 1937, out of sub-units of the Równe Cavalry Brigade, and several smaller detachments. Formed out of recruits from the region of Volhynia, the brigade was decentralized and its units stationed in several towns from the region, including Równe, Dubno, Białokrynica and Ostróg by the Horyń. As part of the first wave of the Polish Army, the brigade was fully mobilized prior to the outbreak of World War II, and transported to the area of Łódź. In accordance with the Polish mobilization scheme, the brigade was attached to Wiktor Thommées, Piotrków Operational Group, of the Łódź Army. The brigade was to form that unit's mobile reserve and cover the planned retreat of the 7th Infantry Division.

After the beginning of the Invasion of Poland on September 1, 1939, the unit took part in the ...read more

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